Anual Report 2019

There was a lot to celebrate in the year 2019. We achieved our championship with record registrations in March, we arrived at moth number 15 in Argentina and 18 in the region. Our brothers in Peru are extremely interested in joining the foiling world. We are organizing Webinars with them to be able to show the different attributes of the class. In between, there was plenty of inspiration on our National Championship venue which will take place at Laguna del Burro, 135km South Buenos Aires. This caught the attention of several sponsors and it will be a great event co-organized with our Wingfoil brothers.

We also celebrate the enormous progress we have made this year with the Waszp class generating a strategy for 2020 where we will seek to include new and young competitors who may have a first experience in foiling. It is worth remembering that there are more than 30 Waszp between Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Although they do not compete in the Moth class, these young sailors are the ones who are developing their talents to be able to compete in Moth in the coming years. If we add the 18 Moth with the 32 Waszp we are talking about an potencial interest in foiling of 50 boats. This places Argentina, Chile and Uruguay as a posible big player in the Foiling world.

Across the country, there is real momentum in the in the interest in female foiling. We are seeing an interest in women referents of traditional clases in approaching foiling. That is why we also carry out a women’s clinic program. The first will be in December 2019 and then we will continue with 3 more in 2020. We currently have 3 women in the Waszp class who have their small mast. The goal in 2020 is to consolidate this class.

We strongly believe that we can climb a step on the development of the class by bringing a World Championship to Buenos Aires. That is why the most important milestone of the year was to bid again for the Moth Worlds. We are prepared to assume that responsibility and do a great teamwork with Yacht club Argentino and the rest of the Moth Argentina fleet.

In terms of development we have carried out internal clinics to improve the level. We have bought the most advanced material such as Blue Works foils, Ctech and CST mast,  North and Ka Sail Deck sweeper Sails and the new foil that Amac brought to the market. Thanks to that and the training done during this years we have some talents that are sailing at  upwind 18 knots, doing very good races and maneuvering almost all the time on the foil. That helped the class to be competitive and, above all, fun.

Finally we wanted to mention that only one boat could participate in the World Cup in Perth. Maximo Contessi that is our junior sailor and current 49er helmsman will be arriving a few days before the championship and probably reading this letter to you.

It is of our greatest interest to go and compete at the World Championship because it is where we learn and interact with the rest of the competitors worldwide. Unfortunately we have not been able to achieve it because of an economic issue. Our country has suffered a strong devaluation which makes it very expensive to travel abroad.

However, there are currently 3 boats with plane tickets to go to the Weymouth World Cup. And we believe there might be 6 in total. We hope to see you there.

Best Regards